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Clear Breathing is the Key to Quality Sleep


Sleep. Despite continual efforts to avoid sleep, it is one of the basic needs of life, like a heartbeat or breathing. No amount of caffiene or other stimulant is going to eliminate or even reduce the need for sound, restful sleep.

For many of us, when we are not actively trying to avoid sleep, achieving sound healthy sleep is difficult. In some cases, regular restful sleep is an unacheivable goal.

When you sleep, your bodies become almost completely paralyzed. Body temperature drops, metabolism slows,
and the only muscles that continue to work are your heart and your diaphragm, so you can keep breathing.
Clear, unobstructed breathing is of paramount importance while we sleep. Both inhaling and exhaling should
be through the nose. The purpose of the nose is to filter, humidify and warm up the air before it hits our
respiratory system. If you breathe through your mouth, these important functions are bypassed, compromising
the quality of your breathing.

There are a wide variety of products to improve nighttime breathing. Better Sleep Pillow is designed to
position head, neck and shoulders to maximize airflow, and its certified Oeko-Tex rating means that it’s a
“green” product that is unlikely to cause allergic reactions. We also carry the full line of NeilMed Sinus
Rinse products that provide a safe, natural method for clearing out your sinuses before sleeping.


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